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Imams told to engage with community in mosques

Hj Yasim Mohamed, President of the Selangor Imam Association, Mosque Officer and Assistant Registrar of Marriage (PIMPINAN Negeri Selangor) delivering a talk yesterday.


Thursday, February 26, 2015
IMAMS should interact with the people in their community and not limit themselves to routine activities such as performing mass prayers, said an invited speaker from Malaysia.
Tn Hj Yasim Mohamed, President of the Selangor Imam Association, Mosque Officer and Assistant Registrar of Marriage (PIMPINAN), said that mosque officers should equip themselves with problem solving techniques in order to gain trust from the people in the community.
“Imams should strive to attract more Muslims to perform daily prayers in mosques by finding ways to make them attracted to visit the mosque,” he said.
Hj Yasim was speaking in front of some 150 mosque officers from across the Sultanate in a seminar organised by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The speaker, who obtained training from Dale Carnegie Training USA, urged mosque officers to be attentive in their work in order to gain trust from the community.
Hj Yasim said that Imams as community leaders should not limit themselves to only leading mass prayers, but also discuss social issues with the residents of their community and find solutions to their problems.
“Do not question why the mosque has few congregants. Instead, it is the role of the mosque officers to hold attractive activities,” he said.
Hj Yasim added that mosques should not only be used to perform daily prayers, but also as a venue where people can voice their problems and concerns.
He added that it is human nature of wanting to be heard and cared, and hence, it is the role of the Imams to listen to the problems of the community.
He urged Imams to attend public speaking seminars to improve their communications skills in order to gain respect from the community.
“Therefore, the right thing to do is for Imams to attend more public speaking seminars so that they would be able to interact with the community and provide solutions to their problems,” he said.
Another issue raised during the seminar yesterday was low motivation levels among the mosque officers.
Hj Yasim urged Imams to be attentive to the needs of the community.
“Imams should be the focal point of a community where people can seek assistance,” said Hj Yasim, adding that the people may prefer solving their problems in the village rather than at the court.
Hj Isa Hj Saban, a resident at Kg Sg Buloh, told The Brunei Times that most of the residents nowadays do not see the need to seek help from the imams in their respective community due to lack of trust.
The Brunei Times

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